Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing Communications

Opening Case Study Stella Artois: Reassuringly Expensive Wife Beater?
Closing Case Study Cadbury’s: The Joy of the Gorilla and the Chocolate Factory

Chapter 2: How Marketing Communications Works

Opening Case Study Apple Macintosh: ‘Hello, I’m a Mac’
Closing Case Study Microsoft Windows: Life Without Walls: Microsoft’s Multimedia Fight Back Goes Right to theCore of Apple’s Story

Chapter 3: Analysis of Target Audiences

Opening Case Study Ugg Boots: From Farm Footwear to Fashion Icon, How We Have Learned to Love the ‘Uggly’ Booty
Closing Case Study Australian Tourist Board: Destination Australia: Culture’s up in the Air Down Under

Chapter 4: Effects and Objectives

Opening Case Study Kellogg’s Special K: Kellogg’s on the Ball for Slimmer Summer Self-Confidence and Soaring Sales
Closing Case Study Sky TV: The Sky’s the Limit for Top Set-Top Box

Chapter 5: Strategy and Planning

Opening Case Study LEGO: Rebuilding the LEGO Legend Brick by Brick
Closing Case Study Zara: Fast Fashion Formula Finds Gap in the Market

Chapter 6: Strategic Positioning

Opening Case Study British Telecom: BT’s the Best B2B 24/7 IT Brand to Beat SME Gremlins
Closing Case Study Nintendo Wii: Wii are Family: Gaming for Non-Gamers is the Name of the Game

Chapter 7: Tactics and Techniques of Positioning

Opening Case Study Diesel: Is Green the New Black? ‘I care, therefore I am’
Closing Case Study Green & Black’s: Is Green & Black’s the New Chocolate? Telling a Complete Brand Narrative

Chapter 8: Building Brand Equity

Opening Case Study Isklar: Pure Glacier. Pure Branding
Closing Case Study Levi’s Jeans: Focusing on the Legend gives Legs to the Levi’s Brand

Chapter 9 : Brand Narrative and Relational Management

Opening Case Study Harley-Davidson: Born to be Wild: Zen and the Art of Brand Maintenance
Closing Case Study Ben & Jerry’s: All We are Saying is Give Peace, Love and Ice Cream a Chance

Chapter 10: The Marketing Communications Mix

Opening Case Study Mini Cooper: A Continuing Story or a New Little Mini Adventure?
Closing Case Study Charity Brands: Advertising Amnesty, Branding Barnardo's: Cause or Creativity?

Chapter 11: Advertising Strategy

Opening Case Study Marks & Spencer: Not Just Advertising Strategy. Marks & Spencer Advertising Strategy
Closing Case Study Red Bull: Austrian Thai Myth Creates a Global Hit with Red Bull Buzz

Chapter 12: Advertising Creativity

Opening Case Study Skoda: ‘Ha!’, ‘Aha!’ and ‘Ah!’ – Creativity in Advertising is a Piece of Cake!
Closing Case Study Heineken: Heineken Know the Signs that Giving Yourself a Good Name Refreshes the Parts Others Cannot Reach

Chapter 13: Media Concepts and Media Planning

Opening Case Study Burger King: Burger King’s Crowning Glory: A Whopper of a Viral Conversation
Closing Case Study Barack Obama: BlackBerry and the Social Pulpit – Deconstructing Barack Obama’s Use of Social Media

Chapter 14: Public Relations and Hybrid Marketing Communications

Opening Case Study H&M: In-Store Chaos and Out-of-Store Buzz as H&M Take the Catwalk to the Sidewalk
Closing Case Study Beijing Olympics: One World One Dream: One Great Sponsoring Opportunity

Chapter 15: Sales and Sales Promotion

Opening Case Study Radiohead: Somewhere Over the Rainbows.
Don’t Hail to the Thief as Free Downloaders become Freeloaders
Closing Case Study Becks: You Can Lead a Man to Culture, but Can You Make Him Drink?

Chapter 16: Beyond Traditional Marketing Communications

Opening Case Study Volvo: ‘Life is Better Lived Together’. Safety in Numbers or How Volvo Used the Net to Escape the Cage
Closing Case Study SMS: The Joy of Text – It’s Not Just Words That Count

Chapter 17: Evaluating Marketing Communications

Opening Case Study Ford: Evaluating the Right Vehicle for Ford’s Success
Closing Case Study Australian White Ribbon Campaign: The Ethics of Hitting the Wrong Targets with Pro-Social Advertising