Interactive Glossary

The Marketing Communications Glossary is included here to help you familiarise yourself with key words and descriptions. Using the website links and examples illustrated, examine how marketing communications has been applied by the various organisations in the different contexts. Evaluate how successful you think they have been in achieving their respective brand objectives. Can you think of any examples of your own?

Feature Description Illustration
Gatekeepers or parasocials Communication intermediaries who disseminate and may distort communications
GDP See Gross domestic product
Geodemographic segmentation Method of segmenting the market based on the classification of small geographical areas (enumeration districts) according to the characteristics of their inhabitants – principally house types and house locations
Geographical expansion The ability to sell the brand in new geographical markets
Geographical segmentation Segmentation based on location measures
Gestalt psychology How people form an entity (gestalt) out of details
Global niche strategy Strategy for standardised marketing communications that focus on similar niche groups across countries
Global strategy Strategy that is based on taking advantage of cultural similarities to produce standardised, global marketing communications
Global village Term coined by Marshall McLuhan to describe the way in which communications appear to be making the world seem smaller and interactions more immediate
GNP See Gross national product
Goal-derived category The brand is instrumental in achieving higher order goals
Golden section Predetermined proportions used in design and architecture
Gross domestic product (GDP) Measure of a nation's output and wealth
Gross national product (GNP) Measure of a nation's output and wealth
Gross rating points (GRPs) Determined by multiplying reach by frequency. They may be applied to any medium. The term used in the TV industry is TVRs
Guard book Whenever the media refer to an organisation or its products, these may be collected and stored for reference in a guard book
Guerrilla tactics Communications often used by competition to spoil brand communications of a rival. Also unusual tactical communications to maximise impact