Interactive Glossary

The Marketing Communications Glossary is included here to help you familiarise yourself with key words and descriptions. Using the website links and examples illustrated, examine how marketing communications has been applied by the various organisations in the different contexts. Evaluate how successful you think they have been in achieving their respective brand objectives. Can you think of any examples of your own?

Feature Description Illustration
Value expressive Expressing consumer's central values or self-concept and highly relevant to lifestyle (activities, interests and opinions) in expressing a particular social identity
Value-added or value innovation positioning Offer which provides enhanced bundle of benefits as part of value proposition British Gas Service Contract discounts repairs and offers technical advice as well as boiler maintenance
Vehicle distribution The physical units through which the message can flow (number of TV or radio sets tuned to the programme; copies of the magazine/newspaper)
Vehicle exposure The number of individuals exposed to the medium vehicle
Viral marketing A communication strategy which encourages individuals to pass any marketing message to other individual consumers, allowing for massive exposure of brand message Ford Sport Ka ads showing ‘the evil twin’ in virals were purposely created to encourage accelerated word of mouth between regular Internet users
Visibility-adjusted impact Replaces the simple opportunity-to-see approach adopted by OSCAR
Visual word of mouth (word of eye) The conspicuous consumption of proudly displaying brands generates a sort of word of mouth