Interactive Glossary

The Marketing Communications Glossary is included here to help you familiarise yourself with key words and descriptions. Using the website links and examples illustrated, examine how marketing communications has been applied by the various organisations in the different contexts. Evaluate how successful you think they have been in achieving their respective brand objectives. Can you think of any examples of your own?

Feature Description Illustration
Wallet analysis Study of the audience’s expenditures
Watershed The time up to which TV advertising and programming are rigorously restricted. After the watershed, more adult material is considered acceptable
Weak force Advertising seen as a weak force suggests that advertising works through a process of reinforcing and maintaining brand values and defending market share. Its effect on sales is therefore less direct
Wear-in Repeated exposures have positive effects
Wear-out Repeated exposures have negative effects
Web pages A file available through the World Wide Web, typically containing text, images and links to other pages. An organisation's website is likely to contain a collection of web pages, each with its own file reference (html address)
Weighted ratings points Rating points weighted to reflect the likely impact of a medium: the higher the weighting compared with other media, the greater the anticipated impact generated by the medium
Wilful ignorance Reluctance to request information that makes a decision more difficult
Within category Brands which compete solely within the parameters of a distinct market segment
WOM See Word of mouth
Word of mouth (WOM) Communications BETWEEN opinion formers/leaders, customers and other reference group members who may have a strong influence on the effectiveness of the original intended message The movie Cloverfield built up a buzz by encouraging pre-release online discussion
Wordage Advertising space that is bought by the word and presented in classified sections of the press
World Wide Web Huge collection of documents and files available through the Internet